GB WhatsApp – Download & use the latest (Anti-Ban) updated version of GB WhatsApp Apk 2024 that offers unique pro features that are not found in the original application such as AutoReply, See Hidden Status, Status Saving, etc. Free download GB WhatsApp apk with old versions for your Android devices from here.

It was found out the GB Whatsapp APK has more than 6.5 crores of downloads, which undoubtedly indicates the high popularity and relevance of the given application.

gb wahtsapp apk

This application constantly evolves, which is why it is possible to mention that messaging platforms acquire new dimensions and set new standards in terms of effective communication.

GB WhatsApp APK

GB WhatsApp APK is a modified version of the WhatsApp official app by the independent developers who added a wide range of the advanced features and customization opportunities. 

Download GB WhatsApp Apk:

gb wahtsapp apk

It saves all the WhatsApp messenger features but with a range of the powerful tools and changes that can address the needs of the contemporary people. The key advantage of the GB WhatsApp is its ability to overcome all of the restrictions of the official application. 

It means that the modified app is more flexible to the users and helps to establish a unique messaging tool. All the users can use GB WhatsApp APP with a custom color, view and hide the status online, share the live location, and customize the mobile interface, using a wide range of different themes and fonts.

Best Features Of GB WhatsApp APK

GB Whatsapp pro is the one of the best application for using whatsapp with unlimited benefits or with many premium features that the normal whatsapp application does not provide, so we have listed below some of the pro or best features of gb whatsapp pro apk.

AutoReply: This useful feature lets users create automatic responses, meaning they won’t ever miss a message, even if they’re busy or unavailable.

DND Mode: The DND, “Do Not Disturb,” mode allows users to disconnect the GB version of WhatsApp from their internet, which might become handy in case they want to avoid distractions while using the app.

Send More Than 30 Photos: By using this version of the app, users can send more than 30 photos at once. so thois version is the best version for you so go there and download the app

Backup Client & Unbannale Version: The app allows users to make a backup for all of their files present within the application an d this is the unbannable version of the gb whatsapp pro apk.

Anti-Revoke Message: This feature prevents the revoked or deleted messages or Ticks to be hidden from the chat and allows the users to see and read the messages that the sender had deleted or revoked.

Live Location Sharing: GB WhatsApp APK allows the users to share their live location with your friends. In this way, they may be able to come to you or they can keep a check on you for safety measures. This live location feature is quite important in today’s world.

Outstanding Effects: If the users are tired of the long black and blue texts on the screen, then they should try GB WhatsApp. The list of the different and unique effects on messages is too long. The message effects are also the unique feature making the messages brighter and special.

Revoke Multiple Message: The official app of WhatsApp is unable to allow the users to delete more than one message, but GB WhatsApp allows the users to delete multiple messages all at once without wasting time.

Interactive Emoji Effects: GB WhatsApp enhances its common custom emojis with its interactive emoji effects. The app delivers full-screen effects that are synchronized and delivered through one-on-one chats for popular custom emojis. This experience enhances user engagement and makes conversation more lively.

People Nearby: Users can also take advantage of the “People Nearby” feature to meet and connect with new people near them. The feature makes new friends by highlighting the people who are near the user’s location.

Increased Media Sharing Limits: GB WhatsApp is programmed to allow its users to send larger files compared to the official WhatsApp app. Users can send files with a capacity of 200 MBs as video files, 100 MBs as audio files, and up to 100 pictures in one go.

Free Themes: Another unique feature of GB WhatsApp is the provision of numerous themes for free. There are tens of available free themes that the user can use to give their app a unique appearance. It also consists of several settings and emojis.

Status Downloads: GB WhatsApp also allows users to download and view their colleagues’ statuses, photos, and videos. For instance, if a user has taken a particularly beautiful image used in their statuses, it can be downloaded.

Message History: Users can get the history of messages that have been revoked from their contacts and groups. It enables one to view and trace the activities of individuals, making it session to be traceable. In case of problems, one can decide to view or trace the messages that have been revoked by their contact.

Contact Alteration: GB WhatsApp allows users to edit or modify the information of their contacts. The primary function is to ensure a permanent and verifiable communication details and log among individuals.

Marking unread messages: When using the program and one realizes that they have read a message sent to them, there is a provision to mark the message as unread from the notification panel.

Select all chats: From the homepage of the program, one can select all chats. The official WhatApp has a limitation that one has to pick one by one up to where their chats are. In this case, it is only for selected WhatsApp as an option that allows the user to get all>.

Hide Online Status: To further protect your privacy, with GB WhatsApp, you have the option to hide your status, and your WhatsApp contacts will not be able to know when the user is online using the app.

High-Quality Image Sharing: GB WhatsApp allows you to send up to 90 images at once, while at the same time, it ensures that the image quality is not reduced in any way. No more compressing files, enjoy excellent high-resolution, and detailed pictures.

Language: With GB WhatsApp, users have an array of languages to choose from, meaning this app’s reach is global. You can select the most suitable language that is most user-friendly.

Profile Picture Notification: Depending on your contact the changes would mainly be on their profile picture. With GB WhatsApp, you will get a notification on any updates such as new DP or changed profile picture.

Hide Pop-up Notification: You can as well choose to hide the pop-up notification, whether partial or altogether. It is one of the best features that help you if you have limited time to chat thus avoiding disturbances.

How To Install GB WhatsApp APK?

GB WhatsApp APK has one significant benefit in terms of its compatibility with various devices. The app requires Android versions starting from 5.1.

Consequently, owners of both old and new types of Android phone can adopt the app and acquire its advantages regardless of their device’s age. 

The app’s installation is relatively simple and does not involve any rooting of one’s device. 

  • First of all download the GB WhatsApp latest version .APK file from our website
  • The user just grants their device the possibility of obtaining apps from unauthorized sources by turning on the “Unknown Sources” switch in their device’s settings. 
  • After the switch is enabled, the only remaining step is for a user to download the installation file of the GB WhatsApp app in the form of an APK file from our website.
  • The user should then tap on the downloaded file in order to initiate the installation.
  • Finally, the user opens the app and either enters the already existing login and password in the WhatsApp account or creates a new account. After logging in to the app or service, the user returns to all their contacts and chat history.
gb wahtsapp apk installation

The updated versions of the GB WhatsApp app can be easily obtained in the same manner as the previous one. The user should access the official website and there download the latest file for the app and install it on their device.

How To Get GB WhatsApp For iOS

Users who prefer using Apple devices need to download the GB WhatsApp to their iPhones. According to official information, the app works on the latest models of the phones produced by the company. 

The installation is quite simple, and users should follow the steps below:

  • Оpen the browser on your device and visit the official website of
  • Find the “Download” section, and click on the button provided to download the key to the file.
  • Start the downloaded file.
  • Сlick on the “install” button.
  • Users need to wait for a few seconds for the installation to be completed.
gb whatsapp apk installation

After the installation to the app, iPhone users can log in to their account or register a new one. Moreover, they will also be able to tune their accounts similarly to users of the Android system by choosing the desired themes and settings.

Resolving the “Banned Account” Issue On GB WhatsApp APK

Whatsapp has been blocking users using third party applications like GB WhatsApp such that they cannot log in due to violation of terms of service. However, developers working on GB WhatsApp APK are advanced such that they never relax when such things happen. In this case, they bypass all such bans and make sure that users use the app without any disruptions.

As of 2024 April, GB WhatsApp has fixed all the “banned account” problems and created and updated safe and secure version. Technically, the GB WhatsApp developers have heavily used and adapted ZacMods to from the team that easily addresses technical glitches. 

Additionally, the team has heavily corrected all the bugs, errors, and problems such that users do not lose data when logging in. Nothing seems exciting more than having GB WhatsApp in the new version under top success that logs in perfectly without hanging.

On the other hand, please note that GB WhatsApp has official website links with the latest safe and secure version to download and login without all problems such as “official WhatsApp login”.

Data Backup and Restoration

In the present digital world, users are highly concerned with the security issues related to their data. GB WhatsApp providers understand the significance of such concerns and have developed a solution to the problem of lost conversations or media. The following approach should be transferred in order to back up chat messages and associated media files.

  • Open GB WhatsApp on your device to access chats.
  • Go to the “GBSettings” section and click on the “Universal” option.
  • An interesting user option is to provide a universal backup solution to save the messages flow with associated media files.
  • Press the “Backup and Restore” option to keep the files in the internal memory of the device.

During the period of special backup feature operation, a user may reach a safe and secure style of a data flow. By performing regular backups, users secure their data and may re-assure when their valuable messages and media files are backed up. When they lose their data, with the help of the restore feature, the hidden chats and the associated media files can be restored.

Our Final Words

GB WhatsApp is without question one of the most extraordinary things that have happened to millions of people who love sending messages. For this innovative application, no task seems to be too great as it offers so many incredible options and strategies that people can use. 

Whether users want to have stronger control over their privacy or are tired of wasting their time looking for links to videos that their friends and family members have shared, they can be confident that GB WhatsApp will not fail them. 

There is no need to be annoyed at the official WhatsApp as it has clear strategies and plans: people cannot overcome its restrictions or modify certain limits. As an innovative application, GB WhatsApp empowers its clients and does everything possible to satisfy their needs. 

The developers who introduce new options and try to take into account customer needs when developing a newer version of the application should be commended. In this way, people can always access modified and better options. 

To have all the particularities discovered and explore the incredible strategies, people should obtain and install the application. Along with different settings, there are clear strategies presented by the developers.